Why Take Karate Classes?

Why Karate

Karate is without doubt one of the best means of building confidence and self esteem, escpecially in children.

Our karate classes at ProKarate Rockford will teach traditional Martial Arts skills as well as important life lessons such as discipline, focus, and confidence.

  1. The practice of the Martial Arts is goal oriented. Setting and reaching goals gives self confidence and raises self esteem.
  2. Learn how to focus body and mind.
  3. Improve Coordination by exercising equally on both sides of body.
  4. The self discipline learned through Martial Arts training helps us make the RIGHT choices, not just the easy ones.
  5. Physical conditioning- endurance, strength and flexibility are all benefits of Martial Arts training.  A person of any age or fitness level can build and maintain muscle tone.
  6. Martial Arts training improves mental awareness, which is essential for safety.
  7. At ProKarate Rockford we teach age appropriate awareness & safety skills, not fantasy-based fighting for self defense.
  8. Balance can be learned and improved at any age.
  9. Martial arts can be done as a family sport.  Many parents choose to involve their entire family in Martial Arts as an interesting and enjoyable means of strengthening family relationships.
  10. Make new friends of common interest and develop camaraderie as you train together.
  11. Learn a sport that you can practice your whole life.
  12. True Martial Arts training teaches control of our temper, jealousy and anger.
  13. You’ll ever have to wonder what to wear. The uniforms make comfy pajamas too.
  14. According to a recent review of literature by the Archive of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, participation in physical activity is positively related to academic performance in children.
  15. “Karate class begins with a bow and ends with a bow.”   Respect and courtesy are among the greatest hallmarks of our practice.
  16. In Karate practice we are given the occasion to really know ourselves; to work on our weaknesses and identify our strengths.
  17. If you think of everyday life as karate training you will always strive to be truthful with yourself and others, fair & just toward both the weak and strong, and hard working in all you attempt.
  18. At ProKarate Rockford we don’t just teach karate to children, we teach our children to love karate.
  19. Learning to cooperate with others and be patient are important skills mastered in Karate class.
  20. “Do not think you have to win. Think that you do not have to lose.”  G. Funakoshi. 
    The practice of Karate teaches us we can all achieve our greatest goals if we are willing to work hard for them.
  21. Self defense training does not only have to be about fighting.  There is an inner peace that comes from knowing how to walk away from a fight.
  22. Humility comes from being confident about our abilities and is a great asset is all areas of life.
  23. A good karate workout relieves stress and tension.
  24. Martial Arts emphasize the integration of mind and body.  How we think directly influences how we feel.
  25. An important benefit of Martial Arts training for parents to note is that children will generally become more disciplined from the unique formalities of martial arts classes.  Martial Arts kids are often very well behaved children no matter what socio-economic backgrounds they come from.
  26. Listening skills are improved.
  27. Leadership skills are taught at all levels.
  28. Strong communication skills are emphasized as an important part of our self defense training.
  29. Not everyone can be the star quarterback.  Martial Arts training is ideal for children who do not do well in team sports, giving them the opportunity to shine, instead of warming the bench.
  30.  “Safety first” is the order of the day.  As a result there are far fewer injuries from Martial Arts training than most other school sports.
  31. Children with special needs, learning difficulties and hyperactivity are often recommended to participate in Martial Arts because of the clear benefits in its structured training techniques.
  32. At ProKarate Rockford appropriate social behavior is a must.  Behaving inappropriately will make children targets of bullies even if they don’t mean it.
  33. Often children do not realize they are using bullying behavior.  Learning awareness of these behaviors can keep them from victimizing others.
  34. Martial Arts training is a total body conditioning system that will keep you young in body & mind. 
  35. Karate is fun at ProKarate Rockford!
  36. All the physical skills learned in the Martial Arts will make your child better prepared for any other sport they compete in.
  37. Parents of students at ProKarate Rockford continuously report how much better their children do in school after beginning their karate practice.