Karate Classes

Weapons Class

Advanced Training

This class includes training with traditional Okinawan weapons along with sparring and kata practice. Participants don't have to be interested in tournament competition to benefit from the more intense practice of kata and sparring.

This class meets on Friday afternoons from 4:30-5:30, is open to Junior members age 7 & up and is available with the upgraded membership.


Ono-ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu is one of the oldest Kenjutsu schools of Japan. Our line, Ono-ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu Sokakuden, is unique in that it comes from the Aizu Clan and is the only one of its kind in West Michigan. A student who studies Kenjutsu can expect acquire in-depth skills related to distance, timing, and angles as they apply to weapons and empty hand. Kenjutsu also develops stamina and focus to safely and effectively wield the bokken.

This class meets Monday 7:30-8:15pm and is open to adults and juniors (12 & up) and is available with the upgraded membership