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Peace Warriors

Peace Warriors

About the Course

Peace Warriors is a program specifically developed for 7-10 year olds to build confidence by teaching effective conflict resolution skills. This class offers training for both mind and body with games to build strength and speed, fun drills to develop safety skills for bullies and strangers, and interactive lessons about making friends and dealing with bullying.

The Peace Warriors program is a non-martial arts class focused on developing confidence, courage, and composure in the face of adversity.


Who should Attend

This program is not only for children who are targeted by bullies, but also for kids who resort to bullying behaviors because they lack the social skills to make friends easily.

The Peace Warriors program will teach kids that walking away from unacceptable behavior is not the same as running away. 

As a result of the course, children will learn the strategies necessary to deal with peer pressure, giving the child who just doesn’t know how to say, “No”, the confidence to walk away from friends’ bad ideas.

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Course Offerings

Peace Warriors is offered as a one time seminar or multi-week class.

The curriculum can also be adapted to ages 6-12 and can be specially tailored for classrooms at school, scout troops, church groups, or home schooled children.

If you or your organization is interested in hosting a Peace Warriors course or you would like to enroll your child, we invite you to contact us at 616 822-5616.