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Answers to your most commonly asked questions regarding karate and the dojo.

How do I or my child get started with Karate?

The first step is to call us at 616 822.5616 so we can set up your free trial class. This is a great way to become familiar with our program, the dojo, and the instructors before making any type of commitment.

How old must my child be to enroll?

Our Lil'Dragons courses start at age 4.

How much do karate classes cost?

One thing that sets us apart from other karate dojos is that we are up front about our rates.  Enrollment is $100.00 for a single member or $150.00 for a family membership.   Monthly dues are $90/month and includes unlimited classes and a uniform.

Do I need to be in shape to start Karate?

Absolutely not! Karate is a lifelong learning process so you can go at your own pace.  Over time your flexibility, strength, balance, and fitness will improve.

How often should I come to class?

It is reasonable to expect that most students, both children and adults, can commit to twice weekly practice. Just like any other sport, the more consistently you train, the more improvement you will see.  Karate is a multi-faceted art, so we suggest that you attend as regularly as possible.

Does ProKarate Rockford offer beginners karate classes?

Yes.  We offer beginner classes for all ages.  Please check our events schedule to see when our beginner level classes are scheduled.

Who takes Karate?

Men, women, and children of all ages take karate.  Our classes are divided by age and skill level, so beginner or advanced, man or woman, be assured that you will be paired with fellow students taking the same journey as you.

How many students are in each class?

This depends on the age and skill level of the class, but generally 8-14.  We try to keep an instructor to student ratio of 7 to 1.

How long will it take me to earn a black belt?

At any legitimate karate school, the very least it should take to achieve black belt status is around 3 ½ - 4 years.  However, this requires you train on a regular basis and fulfill all of the required criteria. Martial Arts training differs from other sports in that there is a maturity of mind & philosophy that is equally important to being able demonstrate physical techniques.

What do the different colored belts mean?

The different colored belts are a representation of your skill level.  Most martial arts schools use the standard of 10 levels leading up to black belt, with each representing a kyu grade.  The colors of belts may vary from school to school.

How often are belt tests held?

Belt testings are held quarterly. If you are training consistently you can expect to test 3-4 times a year in the beginning. As you attain a more advanced rank there is typically a longer gap between rankings.

What are the benefits of learning Karate?

No matter your age or skill level, karate is a discipline that will exercise the body and mind, improve balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength, and build self-confidence, focus, and safety skills.

Am I too old to start Karate?

Absolutely not. Anyone, at any age, can benefit from starting karate. Training is an individual pursuit and a gradual process based on your own abilities.  Whether simply participating for the fitness component or looking to master the art, it is never too late.

What equipment will I need?

To begin, all you will need is a loose fitting karate uniform called a Gi. The Gi is supplied free when you enroll in our karate program.  Additional protective sparring equipment may be needed if you plan to spar.

How long is a class?

Lil'Dragons classes run for 45 minutes. Junior and adult classes are 1 hour long.

Do you offer any classes other than Karate?

Yes. We also offer fitness and self defense classes, as well as a variety of workshops that explore various martial arts techniques and movements in addition to healthy living topics such as nutrition, stress relief, and proper breathing techniques.