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Adult Aikijujitsu Class

Adult Aikijujitsu

Hakuho Ryu Aikibudo

Hakuho Ryu Aikibudo studies the original Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu system. Our Hakuho Ryu Aikibudo system is the only school in West Michigan dedicated exclusively to the study of Aikijujitsu.

Under the direction of Okabayashi Shogen Sensei in Japan we study the initial techniques taught in the Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu system. Hakuho Ryu Aikibudo utilizes joint locks, controls, and blending energy when facing a violent confrontation. Although classical, it is relevant and applicable for adults in everyday life. Our classes are challenging and open to all skill levels from beginner to black belt.

  • Aikijujitsu is practical for men and women of all ages and sizes since it doesn’t depend on brute power or strength.

  • Aikijujitsu has a built in escalation of force and is a good self-defense system in our litigious society.

  • Hakuho Ryu Aikibudo studies the Daito Ryu Shodden techniques, refined through centuries of medieval and modern day Japan, including some of the last formal training techniques studied by the samurai.

  • The formal techniques of the samurai are ideal for law enforcement and CPL carries because they teach you how to protect your weapon, situational awareness, and maintaining a higher standard of care.

Adult Aikijujitsu Class is Every Monday 6:30-8:00pm
Cost is $60/month with a $50 enrollment fee and a 6 month commitment. (Includes uniform)

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