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Shorin Ryu Karate is one of the original four karate systems. OUR Shorin Ryu Karate system is unique and only available in West Michigan at ProKarate Schools.

Under the direction of Master Tadashi Yamashita we have refined and tailored this traditional karate system to be effective for today's world. Our classes for adults are relevant, challenging, and open to all skill levels from beginner to black belt. 

  • If you are looking for something that exercises both your body and mind, you will do more than just burn calories and cartilage.
  • This program combines traditional Martial Arts with reality based self-defense to enable you to feel confident in all situations.  
  • Improved balance, flexibility, endurance and strength are just a few of the benefits of this class.  
  • All levels are welcome from beginners to accomplished Martial Artists.
  • Martial Arts practice is just the thing for adults who want to continue improving themselves, both physically and mentally.
  • Hitting stuff is great stress relief!



Training in the proper use and technique of Martial Arts Kobudo is a great way to experience your Martial Art in a new, fun and exciting way.

ProKarate Rockford is excited to offer a traditional Okinawan weapons class to expand your Martial Arts training. In this class you will learn the basic handling, striking and blocking techniques as well as traditional weapons kata.



Bunkai is an advanced level of kata training, where katas are broken down and the individual moves are explored and developed to bring an understanding of their effectiveness in real-world self defense.

ProKarate Rockford is currently offering a once monthly class devoted to Bunkai training for our Adult Martial Arts students. In this class you can expect to develop deeper insight of the offensive and defensive elements of the katas that you've been practicing all along.